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me watching pretty little liars pt.2


Aria Montgomery + boys

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So I saw the post of the cast members that had the photo of Charles Dilaurentis but the same guy listed as Charles is the same guy that plays Hanna&rsquo
;s dad…

So I saw the post of the cast members that had the photo of Charles Dilaurentis but the same guy listed as Charles is the same guy that plays Hanna’s dad…

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Ooh I would love that. One question though - how could Toby have barged in on A/Charles in that arcade if he was A/Charles?

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Wren is A

I think Wren is A. Bethany is his sister, because Wren said his father had a mental illness. Mrs D killed Tobys mom (dont know why, they could be twins) and Bethany saw it and told Wren. Ali met Wren, and he became Board shorts. She found out about Bethany through him and wanted to talk to her about the murder. Thats why she sent her letters and sneaked out. On the night Bethany sneaked out, Mrs D killed her so bethany couldn’t say anything. Wren thought (and still thinks) Ali did it and he threw a rock at her. Mrs D saw him but couldnt say anything because she’d have to admit that she killed Bethany. While Mona was A, Wren found out Ali was still ali ve and he took the game from her. He also blames the liars for Bethanys death, but not as much as Alison. He killed Ms D because she wanted to tell the police that Wren threw a rock at Ali. I dont think he killed Mona, but he might have. A also said that she plays with body parts, and we know Wren is a doctor.

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Let us know what you think!

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Anonymous asked: "who do you think A is?"

Charles/A = Wren.

Red Coat = Sara Harvey or Melissa [???]

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Anonymous asked: "Think about a Rosewo od Police theory...."

My theory is that they’re all incompetent d-bags who would probably do their jobs better if they didn’t let rando high schoolers like Toby join the force after about 5 minutes of training.

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Okay so. Boo radley from how to kill a mockingbird. He’s an outsider and all. Never fit in. Made fun of etc.
In season five(I think) they had something called boo boo’s ice cream. = boo
Radley= radley sanitarium
The kids communicate with boo RADLEY just as the liars try to figure out what’s going on at Radley by several means of communication.
Charles is misunderstood, just as Boo is. Boo leaves clues and such in the knothole for Scott and Jem (the kids).
In the first 10 minutes of the pilot- spencer is reading how to kill a mockingbird in the scene where she meets wren. Emily reads it while with Maya. The whole Ezra and Aria fight in class about it.
In TKAM, there is a trial where a man is being tried for rape, Tom. However, they disprove it by showing that his left arm and incapable of the task because of a previous injury. Just as Ali.
Boo ends up saving the kids from Bob Ewell, father of the girl who was raped. Boo/Charles could end up saving the liars somehow towards the end from Uber A(bob Ewell). Bob attacks the kids because their father was the lawyer who got her daughter’s ‘rapist’ off free. Uber A could be going after the liars because one of their parents(mrs. Hastings/Melissa?) fucked with them/uber a’s family.
Tom ends up being convicted, escapes from prison and gets killed.
Ali ends up convicted, gets out, (who knows what happens next?)

Nothing about who A is but could make a couple of links to eventually figure it out with more information/rewatching the show

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Anonymous asked: "do you think its possible that jason is charles? because charles is obsessed with aria's pink hair and in season 2 jason kept complimenting her old pink hair?"

I mean anything is possible on this show! I think Charles is more likely to be Wren as there doesn’t seem to be as much evidence pointing to Jason being A. But send us your theories and prove us wrong!

  • Charles: *is about to jump off the building and commit suicide*
  • The girls: NO! Don't do this, we have hea rd your story, we understand! We will do whatever it takes to help you, just PLEASE do not jump!
  • Me: Do a frontflip!!




The Liars In 2012 x The Liars In 2032

What a Time Jump, Marlene. 

Good Job Marlene.

i have no words

  • pll: you will come face to face with A! no more lies!
  • me: okay... that sounds fake but okay